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Experiencing any of these challenges? We can help.

  • Tax Debt

    We effectively negotiate the ins and outs of Canada Revenue Agency laws and regulations to get you relief from CRA’s collections, garnishments and tax liens.

  • Frozen Bank Accounts

    Stop wage garnishments and unfreeze bank accounts with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Collection Calls/Lawsuits

    Get immediate relief from harassing creditor phone calls and lawsuits with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Negotiate with Creditors

    We will work with you and your creditors to craft a consumer proposal they can accept and you can afford.

  • Students Loans

    Your working life should not begin shackled by unmanageable student loan debt. Our solutions allow you a fresh start.

  • Credit Card Debt

    Beware the credit card trap – high interest rates and minimum payments that barely touch the principal.

  • Mortgage Debt

    A home can be the biggest investment you will ever make, but it may become an onerous debt burden. Get immediate relief from overwhelming mortgage stress with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Payday Loans

    Extremely high interest rates often make it impossible to pay these loans. Our money management counselling services will teach you how to avoid bad debt and how to make wise spending decisions.

  • Bank Loans

    Banks are quick to lend money, and equally quick to put delinquent loans into collections. Get immediate relief from harassing bank phone calls and lawsuits with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Specialists in Ottawa
  • About us . . . The expertise to resolve your debt crisis

    We are chartered professional accountants, licensed insolvency trustees and proposal administrators. With deep and substantial knowledge and experience in finance, accounting, taxation, bankruptcy and debt- restructuring, we can help you address and resolve your financial troubles. We can stop harassing phone calls, wage garnishments and collection law suits, while implementing a solution that addresses creditors’ concerns, with monthly payments you can afford. Book a free consultation today.

  • We Work Near You

    With office locations throughout Ottawa and much of Eastern Ontario, we make it easy and convenient for you to meet with our staff and licensed professionals.

  • Line of Credit and Loan Payments

    This calculator helps determine your loan or line payment. For a loan payment, select fixed term loan. For a line payment, you can chose the amount of the outstanding balance to pay each month or an interest only payment.

  • calculator-image
Client Reviews
“At the point we sought assistance from you we were bottoming out and the future was bleak. We couldn't imagine ever getting out from under the dark cloud of debt. […] So again, our sincere thanks to you, Dave, and anyone else who was instrumental in making this proposal happen.” ...
"You gave me my life back. I was nervous but felt right at home when I walked in."
"I met with Maureen Parent. She was exceptional, I felt comfortable with her. She did not judge and was most helpful."
“I am beyond grateful for all the help I received. Everyone I dealt with made me feel like they cared and like they understood my situation. I like feeling like I wasn’t alone through the process. Thank you!”
“I personally want to acknowledge Maureen for her professionalism as well as her “human” touch. She was always supportive and encouraging as well as supportive. I truly cannot thank her enough. Thank you for an amazing experience through a difficult period.”
"Just a simple mention about Gail Dagg and Trevor Brian. They were extremely helpful. There was never a question that didn’t get answered (and I ask a lot of questions)." - T.T.
"Julie was always pleasant and we even managed to share a few laughs. We were left with our dignity intact through an experience that was new to us. All our fears were put to rest by Julie’s professional conduct and knowledge." - E. & D.M.
"Minutes into my first meeting with Gail, I managed to gain some perspective and much relief from the financial pressure. Thank you!"
“My overall experience was amazing. I felt very comfortable and not embarrassed. All through the process Dave and Maureen were so supportive, and helpful with all my concerns and questions.”
"This proposal has allowed me to sleep and get on with my life. I can at least see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Collins Barrow Brown Inc."
"People with financial problems are under a great amount of stress. CBB Inc. is very understanding, efficient, kind and makes their clients comfortable and relaxed."
"Many, many thanks to Dave and Gail for their support during the bankruptcy time as well as any follow up later. Great Job Guys! And thanks."
"Very understanding and non-critical. We were put at ease, pointed in the right direction and given clear steps to follow."
"I feel like a weight was lifted off me. I was under a lot of stress realizing I couldn’t pay my debts. I have my life back. Thank you."
"I appreciated being treated as a human rather than a statistic." - C.C.
"Thank you for helping us find our life again!"
"This was a stressful time & although it was a life changing experience you made it less of a burden."
"I appreciated being treated like I mattered and not just a number."
"We were taught about budgeting and not spending what you don’t have. We had relied too much on credit cards. Experiencing this reality was a real wake up call for us."

Recent Articles from the Blog

December 15, 2016

I am in a Debt Crisis.

I am in a Debt Crisis. I am overwhelmed. Where do I Begin to Look for Solutions? Who can I Trust?
A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), a uniquely trained, federally licensed and regulated professional can help. Collins Barrow Brown Inc. is an LIT.

The first step is to call or email us. After a few simple questions, we will book a free initial consultation to help you determine the right course of action for you.

At the initial meeting, we will review your personal situation, finances, plans for the future, and the documents we requested you bring with you: ID, income tax status, monthly household income, your debts and asset particulars (deeds, policies, investment statements etc.). We will answer all of your questions.

What happens at the initial meeting?

We will review and discuss:

a) Your relationship and family status.
b) Current and future income expectations.
c) Your monthly household budget.
d) Assets you wish to keep.
e) The value of your assets.
f) Your debts, including, loans, lines of credit, credit cards, payday loans, tax arrears, mortgages and leases and, details of creditor legal actions.
g) Your thoughts about filing a consumer proposal or going bankrupt.

We will also ask if you have previously been bankrupt or filed a proposal. If applicable, we will also discuss your need for future credit, your expected relationship and family status, your age, health and work expectations and, your desire to avoid bankruptcy.

What factors suggest that bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is best?


Circumstances that suggest bankruptcy is best:

a) Little or no equity in assets.
b) No prior bankruptcies.
c) Low income.
d) Unpredictable monthly income.
e) Ongoing or possible relationship breakdown.
f) Health issues.
g) Your age and need for future credit.
h) Cannot provide a meaningful consumer proposal recovery.
i) Creditors will not accept a consumer proposal.
j) Not opposed to going bankrupt.

Consumer Proposal-

Factors that favour filing a consumer proposal:

a) Equity in assets that will take three, four or five years to pay to the LIT.
b) Stable family and relationship status.
c) A prior bankruptcy.
d) No significant health issues.
e) Excess of monthly net income when compared to your budget.
f) Stable monthly income.
g) Ability to provide a meaningful recovery to the creditors with a consumer proposal.
h) Creditors will support a consumer proposal.
i) No significant gifts to relatives in the prior five years, or large payments to creditors in the past year.
j) A desire to avoid bankruptcy.


At Collins Barrow Brown Inc. we believe that you cannot be truly healthy, happy and productive if you are overwhelmed by debt. It is our purpose to help you get control of your debt and to give you the knowledge and skills to become financially independent. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and know how to help you make the decision that is best for you.

January 11, 2016

How Do I Declare Bankruptcy?

First you must qualify to go bankrupt. You must be “insolvent”. Going Bankrupt provides many significant benefits. Your finances and health issues related to debt stress will dramatically improve.Read More

January 5, 2016

Should I Declare Bankruptcy?

Going bankrupt can provide many significant benefits. Your finances and health issues related to debt stress will dramatically improve. Read More

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