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Consumer Proposals

Consumer Proposals

Our Consumer Proposal Solution is easy as 1-2-3!

When you file a consumer proposal, you are making an offer to pay and settle your debts on revised terms and conditions than originally agreed to. A consumer proposal must address the claims of all your unsecured creditors. Although not required, a consumer proposal may also settle secured claims. A consumer proposal will be approved if the creditors holding a simple majority of the dollar amount of your debts agree to it and the court approves it. Court approval is automatic, and is deemed to have been given, except in those extremely rare instances when it is asked to review a consumer proposal.

Typically, a consumer proposal will ask the creditors to accept a substantial reduction in their claims for both interest and principal. Overwhelmingly, creditors will agree to the consumer proposal as it provides them with a payment, a plan and a greater recovery than if you had gone into bankruptcy. Consumer proposal payments must be completed within five years. Monthly payments are typically required. However, lump-sum and other payment arrangements are also agreed to. The expected timing of your income is the primary determinant of when payments will be required.

Consumer proposals can only be administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Proposal Administrator, and Collins Barrow Brown Inc. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. We are very experienced in administering consumer proposals. The creditor’s acceptance rate of consumer proposals we file and administer is very high, greater than 95%.

Here is our Consumer Proposal Solution:

  1. In the course of the free initial consultation, we will thoroughly review all of your finances, discuss if a consumer proposal is right for you and what the terms should be. We will recommend proposal terms that are likely to be accepted, and will offer you a monthly payment you can live with. We have many locations in Ottawa and eastern Ontario to meet with you.
  2. If you decide to go ahead, we will prepare the consumer proposal documents, review them in detail with you, after which you will sign them and we will then file them with the federal government. The filing of a consumer proposal immediately stops, with very few exceptions, all collection proceedings, collection lawsuits, wage garnishments and bank account seizures, including those of the Canada Revenue Agency. Upon filing of the consumer proposal, we will immediately ensure that all collection actions that may be stopped are terminated.
  3. We will promptly inform you of the creditors’ response to the consumer proposal. If they are not initially prepared to accept the consumer proposal, we will determine what payments and terms they wish to see offered. If necessary, we will prepare an amended consumer proposal for you to sign in order to obtain the creditors’ approval. Very infrequently, it is not possible to obtain creditor approval of a consumer proposal. In this instance, we will discuss other options with you to address your debts.

A consumer proposal is a comprehensive solution to your budget and debt-management challenges. It is a professional service overseen and regulated by the federal government and Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Proposal Administrators, thus ensuring you will be treated honestly, ethically and professionally. You will be fully informed of all steps in the process, from beginning to end. It is a great way to reduce and settle your debts to an amount you can afford to pay. A consumer proposal will alleviate stress by stopping collection calls, garnishments and lawsuits. You will also learn budgeting, saving and money-management skills.

If you would like to explore if a consumer proposal is a viable solution for your financial problems, contact us today.

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